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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  January 20, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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. their fans are still faithful, we will show you how they welcomed them back. cameras were there to capture the drama. >> and we are live with a freedom train honoring the life of dr. martin luther king, jr., we will tell you why ticket sales may put it into jeopardy. and they are tied to a record-breaking dry spell, ktvu channel 2 morning news continues.
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this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. welcome back, looking live at the 49ers stadium, 4ers arrived at the training facility last night and it was not a very happy mood except the fans were very encouraging and very nice fans welcoming them back and we will hear more from them t- alex -- from them. we will hear more from alex savage. >> steve, are you singing a new tune? >> steve what are you doing? >> i am not singing a new tune, it may be a little more colors pie the coast and some are lows, napa 33, livermore 35, san jose 40 and some mid-30s as well. palo alto to woodside there is nothing going on for us, sunny
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and mild, still an easterly breeze coming off the hill, not much change we should be in the up every 50s and 60s, here is sal. we are looking at a commute which still looks pretty good. a lot of people have the king holiday off as you know and that will make it easier, a lot of the schools are closed and taking a look at the commute at the toll plaza, it is light and by now we'll see more traffic and as we mentioned it may not be a regular day. and northbound 101 to the city, let's go back to the desk. >> collin kaepernick, broke it up and scored. >> heartbreaking down to the
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minute loss, a true battle in seattle, seahawks beat the 9ers in the nfc championship game, they intercepted collin kaepernick's pass,er took it to a sea hawk's team and they stayedp late to welcome them back home, here is more. >> reporter: they are still very proud of this team and last night the 9ers faithful turned out in santa clara at the training facility and they are very proud of this team after what was a fantastic season. >> this was a huge crowd after
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they lined the streets and they had it around 11:30 just back after they were 23 to 17 loss and the players and coaches went back home some of them waved to the crowd as they pulled out and this was a particularly painful loss and they are hoping this team can pull home this championship. >> i want to show my father's it was a great team and we take it to heart because we really do love this team. >> reporter: later they will hold a team meeting at 11:00 here at the training facility in santa clara and after that some of the players and coach jim harbaugh will be talking to the media about this season and
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for the third straight season they came up short in their bid for the championship and they will be looking ahead to what they hope will be another run and that's why the new players will be playing, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. they really put a damper on viewing and they were in the area with at&t, several sports bars there and all of them were parked. one manager at the cantina said he was turning people away especially when it took a turn for the worse. >> san francisco police were making regular spots and this was a huge incident reporting.
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they had won the game and police were ready and after the game police were out in the streets vandalizing a muni bus. we will tell you how much it took after yesterday's loss. they had a memorable interview with aaron andrews immediately after the seahawks won. >> [inaudible] don't you ever talk about me -- >> nobody is talking about you -- >> don't you open your mouth... >> he is a television guy, he made one play and talk ,it doesn't mean it was a good play. >> sherman has been in a public feud with sherman who deflected the pass in the end zone which gave seattle the victory.
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and the seahawks will face them in two weeks and it might be the last matchup but they go 26-16 and you can watch the super bowl february 2nd right here with us on channel 2. and for the championship game we will have fan photos and you can go to our website, and of course super bowl right here on channel 2. we want to show you a wreathe laying ceremony when it came to that. it was a close-up on the wreathe and it was always for
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people everybody dr. king and they will take place in the community service project in the washington d.c. area later today. dr. king if's a area are hoping it stays alive where the freedom train will arrive later morning and the numbers are down, in years passed the train is completely sold out and last year they their were about 400 empty seats and as of friday, there is a nearly 30 year tradition and the trip holds it
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where dr. martin luther king, jr. and others marched in 1965. it the ride is about the says -- the ride is about the same distance and many like the ride because it is educational and they are able to listen to songs from gospel singers and the idea of the freedom train was started from am several people years ago. this train here in the bay area is the last freedom train in the country and you can still buy tickets this morning. they are still something you can get through the mlk -- dr. martin luther king, jr. and they will have a day long celebration, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. and the san francisco labor council will hold their community breakfast this
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morning on fillimore street. mayor ed lee will hold the breakfast seeking bay area days including a dr. martin luther king, jr. cleanup. it starts at 9:00, this morning and we will have a clean fun which starts in oakland. one person is in a tense situation. police received a call of a man standing in front much a home on reagan street holding several bottles of gasoline. when officers arrived they found him barricaded in a shed with another person. the other person was able to get away but the suspect lit the shed on fire. >> he refused to come out and
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dishome police say they had to use some force and it is still not clear what the relationship is and the people who live in the home. they have fired the head coach due to a hazing scandal. two varsity players had been death taped to chairs as part of a hazing incident. christopher dolan is representing the two boys and he is also the attorney for the oakland girl who was declared brain dead after cons sill surgery. it is a very rare burn ban and they took it in three counties and you can no long
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determine burn leaves or burning in other bay area cities. and they are also changing the way they use water. they are only serving water when you ask for it. dishwashers are maximizing every load before they go into by a talking the recent hazing incident and an investigation is now underway. they are now find being how high the tab got and what the money was spent on. good morning, right now traffic is pretty light. we are looking at some of the lists here and we don't see a lot going on and goodness for
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me and can we find any and we will have details coming up.
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. they have stopped producing 20% enriched uranium and that's
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6 world powers including the u.s. sanctions are being lifted for six months to give negotiators a chance to work on a long term deal. they think it may have helped edward snowden leak intelligence and russia gave them asylum, however they have not been into helping them and house intelligence mike rogers thinks edward snowden was helped in stealing that information. he says the vast majority contains information. and they have threatened to withhold hurricane sandy money if they did not approve a project and he allegedly said
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the ultimatum came from christie. >> she came and pulled me aside and said you have to move forward with the rockefeller project. this rockefeller project is important to the governor and she had been with him on friday night and this is a direct message from the governor. >> they turned over federal information to them. the president said marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol and he said it was a bad habit similar to smoking cigarettes. he said he smoked it when he was younger and does not encourage it. they have given the state permission for pot regulation. we are now finding out about pot management and its two biggest unions costs.
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they spent about $8.4 million trying to reach a deal and some of that was spent on charter buses when they went out on strike. one bart member said they they had to cave nor junior demands and the numbers spent were not worth it. >> two thirds of san jose's restaurants raised their prices and that's because of the conservative policy institute and all of them cut how many they worked including getting rid of jobs completely but the minimum wage jumped from $8 to 10 last year and the institute says the same thing can happen if they go from under $11 to 15
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an hour. >> let's check in with sal and some have the day off and others done. s years a on we would normally have a backup but the drive time on the bridge is still about 10 minutes all the way across to get into san francisco, 880 north, traffic looks good as you pass the coliseum, warriors play, and warriors out at the oracle arena arena, northbound 108 split. and they are looking atherton very good team. >> they are. just a little bit of high clouds over us. >> is that the best you can do,
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steve? >> yes, it is a little bit of fog out there, mostly sunny, 64 to 78 and we should be about 64 to 61. santa marie, 80 degrees or higher and that's a record and gilroy was 71 and south lake lake tahoe was setting them and they are getting worse from much of the state and there is nothing in sight for rain. and san francisco also has 29 and a lot of low 40s and another blast of cold will be move inginto the great lakes and 11 below, wisconsin 2 and not bad at 30s and we will be
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dipping into the pattern and it has not changed and a lot of these clippers, coming by, they have given them more snow and it does not look like that is happening any time soon. and we will just drift around. 27 ukiah, redding is at 29, and down in l.a., there is no red flag warping and it may come back on friday, taser mostly sunny, way above average and some patchy fog is there. i mean way above and 60s and 70s for clear lake, vacaville 68 same for antioch brenly oakland, 70 degrees, 77 for
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morgan hill saratoga los gatos, a lot of 60s on the coast and maybe slightly cooler, upper 60s on the peninsular and soft 70s. a little cool down towards the end of the week and hopefully is stays quiet. now their forecasts dash forecast being the u.s. economy and they will predict the economy will go for the first time in nine years. now they say the road ahead is smooth because there are no worries overpassing a balanced budget and there are no path changes. domestic airfare, that is more than inflation and affairs are up in the last five years
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$363 for checked bags. north korea is asking for help and we have some news conference kenneth bay held this morning and plus what he says is making his situation worse. >> the men would do anything to save his dog. a man's love for his dog landed him in a life- threatening situation, how fire crews were able to bring him to safety. cold? nasty cold. dayquil severe. nyquil severe. thanks dude. [ female announcer ] walgreens. get in. get out. feel better. select dayquil severe and nyquil severe. $11.99 at walgreens.
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enroll today at . welcome back, a man trying to save his dog fell into a frozen lake. they caught the whole rescue on his cell phone and the man fell into the frozen lake but he was able to pull the dog out of the water and then he fell in, himself. >> we were screaming everybody was looking for a rope, nobody had ropes, nobody could help him. >> the man was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was treated for hypothermia and both he and the dog are expected to be fine. they successfully helped 25
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stranded whales get back into the gulf of mexico. it was called gordon's pass and it happened during low tide. at least two were stuck in a san bar and it looks leak they are not ating. >> they will continue to follow each other into a dangerous situation into the shallows like this one did. >> they tagged them before pushing them out into the open waters and it's not clear what is making those whales sick. >> more than 50 pilot whales were stranded in shallow walter for a week, seven died and four others had to it be euthanized, it's not clear what caused
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those whiles to come ashore. have a script but he will not even hint what the plot is about. is he a lot less vague when it comes to actual production and they will shoot it in england starting in may. a devastating story from oakland, two brothers gunned down within one month from now. the mother deal with an unbearable mess. and it it was a crushing loss to the nfc championship game and we will show you how they welcomed the players and coaches back home to seattle.
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. welcome back, no markets are closed because of the holiday but we are live where the 49ers faithful gathered overnight to welcome the team home after that crushing loss, we will have a special gathering which happened in just a few minutes, thanks you for joining us. >> who are you? >> i am pam cook. >> steve is right over there and some fog has come back to the coast, parts of it and in the just look like it was to parents north and it is going
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over us right now and partly cloudy mostly sunny 60s and 70s, a little cool down by the coast and 29 for santa rosa, and some patchy fog, no sign of any rain at least not this week and it is very shallow so it is not making much of an impact. and it will give us a cool down want low 6s, and we have more traffic that is lighter than usual and we have one starting at highway 4 and you can see people are out there and it's light enough for traffic to be doing very well and this is taking 12 to 15 minutes and knock to concord and the entire
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stretch, we are counting the time on the bridge as well. so we have a crash at 680 and it is not clearing, let's did pack for the stress. >> this game is over... oar heart broken fans will be talking about that for a long time. seahawks beat them in the nfc championship, as it came down to the final minute. collin kaepernick had a pass in the end zone clenching the victory for seattle. richard sherman man anded to tip the ball to his teammate and they will be clearing out their lockers but a large crowd stayed out to welcome them
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back. 49ers fans are trying not to allow that to get the best of them and the 49ers faithful had a move outside of headquarters and they welcomed the team they are proud of what was accomplish cash to accomplished. >> it was a huge crowd and close to 49ers fans lined up and it was around 930 and they erupted as they pulled into the training facility just back from seattle after that tough loss in the championship game. after they drove out of the facility to head home, some of them waved to the crowd and even they they could -- even though they could not get back,
6:35 am
some said watching them they suffered that devastating knee injury and that devastating play shows what kind of team this is. >> he held on and that was good, the arm? >> we will always fail faithful. half about a will address the media and he will talk about what could have been if they were talking about a return trip to the super bowl and they will have to look forward to next week's season and 49ers will play here at the new levi's stadium in santa clara. >> san francisco police are bracing for possible problems
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and making sure nobody set garbage cans on fire and police are increasing patrols and they are also using street corners and there is a bit of a problem especially when they have been drinking. people have been arrested for public up objection to occasion or know and they were extremely excited as their team heads to a second super bowl. for more on the 49ers as they raise, including fan photos, go to the website and don't forget you can watch the super bowl right here on ktvu channel 2 morning news in just two weeks. a man is spotted in front
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of a home holding gasoline. janine de la vega joins us with video you will only see on ktvu channel 2 morning news and we will hear more on how he was finally captured. joe and? >> it was a potentially dangerous situation and mae were not sure on what they want to. officers were called to the home on reagan street which is near east san jose because the man was holding gasoline bottles threatening to burn the home down and when police arrived they found him holding a woman against her will. police started negotiating with
6:38 am
him and he still lit the shed on fire. >> he refused to come out and some force had to be used with the individual. there was also a threat of some other weapons. oar you can hear the man yelling out in pain as he was loaded into an ambulance. >> reporter: he was taken into the hospital with minor injuries and he will be arrested for arson and resisting arrests, he has an out standing moment. there were a few who saw this. live in san jose, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning
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news. a mother lost two of her sons in less than a month. at least two people pulled up and opened fire. he and his friend died at the scene just a week ago and a week ago rashard buried his brother who was buried on new year's eve just blocks away from his home. >> now they have to teal with something like this. it is just a accept less death as their family has never dealt with it. and the idea of the second and they are not saying much about the description of the suspect's. they want to know who created flyers showing a city councilwoman with a swastikas on her forehead.
6:40 am
it shows councilwoman libby shaft and it reads and i am quoting, stop shaft and stop the b.a. c which is a proposed surveillance center for police and firefighters. as a person of jewish heritage those flyers are particularly her the full. it is 539 so months after following the rocky roll out of the affordable care act, they are concerned about dry conditions in the north bay and they are taking unusual steps this year to prevent wildfires. and good morning traffic is doing well, find out why today you are likely to see a big difference in your drive to work. there is no rain in site so today's theme is the rain song and any more record temperatures and fog? oh wow, you look incredible.
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. welcome back, new this morning, we have just about an hour ago in washington d.c., dr. martin luther king, jr. was born january 15th 1929 and the third monday in january and many will take part in parades
6:44 am
and community service projects to remember dr. martin luther king, jr. president barack obama and first lady michelle obama are taking part in the st. louis area today. and also a dr. martin luther king, jr. day continues with the 29th annual freedom train from san jose to san francisco. joining us now the caltrans station, why toes this tradition come to an end. and this could be the farewell run as of friday and that's because there were only 3-run tickets sold. and every year prior they were completely sold out so you can see what a dire situation it is. they lament that the freedom train may have out lived its purpose and it is spearheaded by the dr. martin luther king, jr. and the trip commemorates
6:45 am
it back in march of 1965. passengers are able to hear stories about the civil rights movement and listen to songs. the freedom train was started by his widow loretta scott king. you can still buy tickets at the san jose station this morning and they are $15 round trip but unlike years passed, it will run straight to san francisco and have a day long celebration for the likes of dr. martin luther king, jr. junior. i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. you should be aware of some closure, federal and state courts as well as city offices
6:46 am
will be closed, banks and post offices are also observing the holiday and bart and muni will be running on saturday skids and other buses as usual and no breaks on the meters and enforcement will run as usual. 6:45, something rare is running and they are issuing winter burn bans. live in petaluma with what is banned. >> this is extremely rare and the dry weather and prompted a burn ban in certain counties and it went into effect since this morning. they are not allowed to burn piles of leaves or vegetation and this applies to residents
6:47 am
and businesses and some are allowed with special permits but they have an extra group of firefighters incase a fire breaks out. now it usually would not have to worry about firefighters this year and over the weekend, firefighters tackled a small amount in a remote section in the watershed and the fire burned an acre of brush. the cause of the fire and highlights concerned about especially dry winter. kenneth bay an american jailed in north korea made a desperate plea for the government to get him out of prison. we will show you a news conference that was held at his
6:48 am
own request. he was arrested in 2012 while leading a tour group. he is accused of crimes against the state of north korea and was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. they say the situation is getting worse but he expressed hope that the government should do their best to get him free. and the law now mandates a set of preventible clean tests with whether or not the yearly deductible has been met. >> it sure looks good, it is a nice looking commute on this dr. king day, a lot of schools are closed and a lot of people have the day off, traffic certainly there are people out there and you might be one of them soon, but it looks good on
6:49 am
interstate 880 passed the coliseum and also at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is lighter than usually and the whole ride from the moment you get onto the bridge it is about 10 minutes into the city and if you are driving on highway 24 let's say from pleasant hill to orinda, it is not a bad drive from 7 minutes to the caldecott tunnel. now let's go to steve. thank you, a rather warm pattern and it has been record setting. i top think it will go too close and record highs in 1976, a very dry year for most of you who were here. livermore 68 and the record is 70 and i don't think they will get that, and hose and 200965
6:50 am
and that may be over 70 but these were some from yesterday. not only did that he tie a record, unbelievable. gilroy 779, and i think they held it at 79 so it might be close and the old mark and if tahoe was bad, it is getting worse and as you can man it is getting worse, you can light a candle, burn some innocence and it will take something dramatic to change this pattern. so it is cold for some and we have cool picture there and 27 up in ukiah, and there is some
6:51 am
cold, cold readings and it will still be mild to warm and so far there is no sign, anything breaking through, temperatures come down, we could see a little bit of fog and it is slightly cooler for some. 60s to lower to mid-70s and vallejo, 65 and 67 in walnut creek, danville, brentwood, oakland, 70 in downtown oakland and make sure they don't make it to 64 it would be pretty cool and and upper lower 70s on
6:52 am
the peninsular. most will you through the week, it looks a little cool towards the end of the week. >> thank you . 6:51, it the time the additional troops are brought in and they are prompting are russian leaders to increase security for the event. and broncos and seahawks are getting ready for each other and they are making the nfl nervous. map -- nervous.
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. welcome back, it is 6:54 u.s. lawmakers are expressing concerns after a newly surfaced video threatened an attack. after about a month ago, they were targets in the russian city and these two men posted a video claiming responsibility for attacks. they also talk about their plans for the olympic games. >> they have now moved some 30,000 armed troops down to the region and that tells you their level of concern is great but we don't seem to be getting all of the information we need to protect our athletes in the games. [applauds]. >> now vladimir puntin is ensuring the safety and he talked about the safety
6:56 am
measures of the g-8. meanwhile, they have just reached the city of grad where the suicide bombings killed more than 30 people and right now there as strong police presence as the plane winds its way through the street. the torch will have gone through 136 cities. we now know who is playing and fans are rushing to buy tickets. it makes more sea hawk fans in new jersey. they are expected to skyrocket today and right now the average is expected with a 3 night minimum stay and the price of a plane ticket could top $400. the nfl is preparing for winter weather on super bowl sunday and it is february 2nd at met life stadium in new jersey, since they have no roof
6:57 am
and it's not covered, they are closely watching the weather and standing the chance of freezing temperatures. and for february 2nd, it will help keep the fans warm and they will be given a warm welcome pack withly bomb. almost 7:00 from the silicone valley, they are proving too popular such as yahoo and they will be forced to set up guidelines for the electrical vehicle chargers on chair camps and they have electric cars. one industry analysts have one charger for every two electric vehicle. bay area chargers have gas and pennies in the last week and they are paying an average down 2 centss and in the east bay, they are a dime cheaper and the
6:58 am
average price, 357 which is down almost a nickle from last week's prices. and coming up on morning's on 2, faithfuls stayed up and it is almost midnight, they are welcoming the team back to seattle and they are live back outside team headquarters. and it is a video you will only see on 2, stay with us, we will be right back.
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good morning. a heartbreaking loss for the 49ers. this last-second turnover in the end zone seals the nfc championship game for the seattle seahawks. >> reporter: despite the crushing loss, 49er fans are proud of what this team accomplished. we'll show you how they welcomed the players and coaches back home last ming. remembering dr. martin luther king, junior. events around the country and here in the bay area to honor the civil rights leader. >> reporter: a frightening situation overnight in the south bay after a man holding gasoline containers threatens to burn a house down. we'll tell you how police finally captured him. "mornings on


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